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Meat Industry News

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FREE 2020 Wall Planner

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100 Years Recognition - Companies House Centenary Certificate

We’ve received a Companies House Centenary Certificate!

If you live to 100 years old then you’ll get a letter from the Queen. But what if a company is still in business after 100 years – what do you get then? The answer is you get a Companies House Centenary Certificate sent to you!

A proud moment and great achievement for us! 30th October 2019 marks 100 years as a registered company, although our history of supplying food businesses goes back a little bit further than that!

Remaining a family owned company, we are very proud of our strong values including our attention to detail and concern for high standards of customer care. In the last 100 years we’ve learnt that honesty and good customer service is a must.

Our success means leaving a legacy, creating jobs and having an impact on the UK meat industry. We have survived the Depression, the Second World War, as well as numerous recessions – and our company has thrived, and continues to grow.

We work hard to ensure that we are valued as much for our work today as for our reputation earned over a century of service. As a result our company has expanded over the years – we now have offices & facilities in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

We were one of the first UK meat industry companies to set up an ecommerce website - – which in 2019 has seen its best year so far. Most companies today survive for about 15 years - so we must be doing something right to have persisted for 100 years.

We’d like to thank our customers old and new – we couldn’t have done it without you.

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Until 30th November ScobiesDirect are offering 15% OFF Mincer Knives & 10% OFF Mincer Plates – so now is a great opportunity to stock up!

ScobiesDirect have a wide variety of sizes and makes of mincer plates and knives. Whether you have a size 12, 22, 32 or 52(42) meat mincer or mixer grinder we will have a mincer plate to suit your requirements.

We stock two different manufacturers mincer plates, L&W and Salvador. Depending on the mincer or mixer grinder you need the mincer plate for will determine which brand will be best suited to your machine.


A No.12 meat mincer plate measures approx.73mm in diameter and is usually double sided with flat edges on either size. The small holes that are cut out of the mincer plate can come in a variety of different widths to suit every customers needs.

A No.22 meat mincer plate measures approx. 80mm in diameter and can come in both double sided and long life versions, with the long life mincer plate having a central hub sticking out of one side and a re-groundable flat surface on the other.

A No.32 meat mincer plate measures approx. 100mm in diameter and again comes in standard or longlife versions. The notches on the outside perimeter of the mincer plate also vary, with a four notch system becoming more prominent on the market to date.

A No.52 meat mincer plate measures 130mm in diameter and are generally sold only in the long life versions. These mincer plates take a lot of wear and tear and therefore it is very important you buy the correct mincer plate for your machine.

If you are unsure of the size of your meat mincer or mixer grinder simply measure the diameter of the mincing plate. If the diameter is 70mm then you have a No.12 mincer, if it is 83mm then you have a No.22 mincer, if it is 100mm you have a No.32 mincer and if it is 130mm then you have a 52 mincer


Mincer knives or mincer blades as they are sometimes called are an extremely important part of a meat mincer or mixer grinder. The mincer knives are seen as a consumable item and are to be thrown away once they lose their sharpness.

If you continue to use the mincer knives when they are blunt then this prevents a tight cutting action between the knife and plate and means the meat is not cut cleanly, resulting in a mushy minced product.

Click HERE to view our mincer knives range.

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Login to your ScobiesDirect Account to claim two free Anti-Slip Mat samples (90cm x 100cm each). Try before you buy – hurry limited samples available!

Help ensure the safety of your staff, as well as protecting your business from staff injury claims. How do you do this? To start with you should make sure your flooring area prevent slips, trips and falls. One way to help minimise this risk is by using anti-slip mats in high risk areas e.g. next to food preparation areas.

ScobiesDirect offer two kinds on anti-slip mats:

Anti Slip Super Absorbent Mat 900MM X 30MTR Roll
Product Code:MP189030Y

Super absorbent anti-slip mat. Liquids are quickly absorbed by the mat leaving surfaces dry and safe. Not suitable for highly corrosive liquids. Yellow and white in colour. Thanks to it's versatility of use, this mat is suitable to be used in most working environments, shops, kitchens, bars and workshops. Anywhere that wet floors may be a concern. Each roll is 90cm wide x 30mtrs in length. Cut the length required from the roll to suit the area to be covered. Absorbency is 54Ltrs per roll.

More Info >>

Slip Prevention Mat 900MM X 30MTR Per Roll
Product Code: MP289030B

Anti Slip Absorbent Mat. Designed to be applied in high traffic areas. Liquids are quickly absorbed by the mat leaving surfaces dry and safe. Black in colour. Each roll is 90cm wide by 30mtr in length. Can easily be cut to the length required. Absorbency is 38.20L per roll

More Info >>

Anti-slip mats are a wise investment. Did you know that in April 2019 an apprentice butcher was awarded $578,689 following a slip and fall on sausage mince? He slipped on sausage mince and struck his back, suffering a serious injury. If only his employer had invested in some anti-slip mats it would have been an entirely different story…

GET YOUR FREE ANTI-SLIP MAT SAMPLE TODAY – just login to your ScobiesDirect Account!

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