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How to make Virginia Barbecue Pulled Pork with chef Andy Benn

Chef Andy

As part of their ‘Skills’ video series, Meat Trades Journal recently met Scobie & Junor Head Development Chef Andy Benn, who demonstrated how to make Virginia Barbecue Pulled Pork. You can view the Meat Trades Journal 'Skills' video via this link, or watch it below:

The Virginia Barbecue Pulled Pork is actually a very simple dish to prepare. You can get the recipe Chef Andy used here: Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork

Chef Andy

Along with the pork, the items used to make the Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork include: The pork is covered with the rub and put into a ovenable bag, then placed in the centre of a preheated fan oven at 150oC (170oC for non fan) for 2 hours. Once cooked, remove from the oven, and rest for 15 minutes. Carefully cut open the bag, and drain off the juices and set aside.

Place the Pork into a large mixing bowl and using two forks pull the pork apart then combine with the cooking juices. Now add some Boston BBQ sauce or Mississippi BBQ sauce to enrich the pork and mix well.

Serve the pulled pork in a toasted brioche bun topped with Monterrey Jack cheese and apple slaw.

Chef Andy

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Butchers Shop Of The Year 2017

Butchers Shop of the Year

Calling all Butchers and Farm Shops across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland – you can now enter the Butchers Shop Of the Year Awards 2017.

Whether you’re a family run independent or operate a chain of stores, based in a city centre or a remote village location, the awards are your opportunity to gain the recognition you and your team deserve. It's a chance for you to best showcase your butchery business, great products, craft knowledge, specialists skills and fantastic team.


ScobiesDirect are sponsoring Butchers Shop Of the Year Awards 2017, and we encourage you to enter. There are 13 categories that you can choose from:

Main Categories:

  • Farm Shop of the Year
  • Food Hall Butchery Business of the Year
  • Halal Butcher’s Shop of the Year
  • New Butchery Business of the Year
  • Online Butchery Business of the Year
  • Midlands & East of England Butcher’s Shop of the Year
  • North of England Butcher’s Shop of the Year
  • Northern Ireland Butcher’s Shop of the Year
  • Scottish Butcher’s Shop of the Year
  • South of England Butcher’s Shop of the Year
  • Welsh Butcher’s Shop of the Year

Specialist Categories:
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Young Butcher of the Year

Benefits of entering the Butcher’s Shop of the Year Awards include:

  • Generate positive publicity locally and nationally
  • Free use of winners’ and finalists’ logos
  • All finalists receive a complimentary ticket to the Awards
  • Meet and network with fellow butchers and suppliers
  • Coverage in Meat Trades Journal and also on
  • Reward the loyalty, skills and hard work of your team
  • Showcase your exceptional business to a wide audience
  • Gain an independent, nationally recognised ‘badge of honour’ for your business.

Entries for the prestigious Butcher’s Shop of the Year Awards are now open for 2017. ScobiesDirect encourage you to showcase your achievements, enhance your business profile and boost team morale.

Check out the video below from last years awards:


To find out more about the event and how to enter visit:

Deadline: entries close Monday 7th August 2017.

The Butcher’s Shop of the Year Awards lunch will be held on Monday 6th November 2017 at County Hall, London.

It’s an opportunity for the best of the butchery industry to get together to celebrate Butcher's Shop of the Year. The top winner on the day as well as the various category winners will be honoured for their contributions to the industry.

Butcher's Shop of the Year Judges

Whatever category you enter, make sure you have the below elements covered for each store entry:

  • Examples of your shop front entrance and window display (does not have to be a display of meat, just a good – perhaps themed or local community – display)
  • Examples of your shop interior layout and design
  • Examples of cabinet displays
  • Any supporting marketing and promotional materials
  • Any supporting materials that demonstrate efficiency, team-working abilities, knowledge and presentation of staff, training and development of staff
  • Any supporting materials that demonstrate your back-of-shop organisation
  • Any supporting materials that demonstrate your shop hygiene
  • Any supporting materials that demonstrate your business development plans
  • Any supporting materials that demonstrate your involvement with the local community
  • Any supporting materials that demonstrate your involvement with local food supply chains.


Butcher's Shop of the Year - Looking Smart

You will want to put your shop in the best light possible, and this is where ScobiesDirect can help. For example:

Presentation of staff
ScobiesDirect offer a range of profeesional looking butcher clothing such as aprons, hats, shoes, coats, etc - various sizes and colours. Make sure your staff are looking their best - for customers and the judges.
More Info >> Clothing for Butchers

Proving the efficiency of your business
The judges will want you to demonstrate your sourcing/supply chain structure. If you get your supplies via ScobiesDirect then you will be able to demonstrate your ability to get next day delivery of essentials as well as 'Saved Baskets' which results in quick ordering for your business. We offer over 4000 online products, secure ordering with order tracking. Plus recipes, nutritional labelling and declarations - all available when you login to your ScobiesDirect Account. You can demonstarte your supplier is Food BRC certificated, Packaging BRC certificated and Warehousing BRC certified.
More Info >> ScobiesDirect - About Us

Professional presentation of cabinet displays
Is it time to invest in some new counter trays? Presentation is everything and ScobiesDirect have everything you need to create the perfect counter display.
More Info >> Trays, Tickets & Utensils

Need new trays or garnish?t

We currently have 10% OFF selected Garnish and Fluted Dishes - both of which can help spruce up your shop appearance.

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Big In Japan - 3 Popular Japanese Sauces

Japanese Sauces

Everyone loves sauces whether they are sweet or spicy – they help bring out the flavours in food making meals taste even better. Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest and its flavours are growing in popularity.

Japanese cuisine boasts an incredible variety of unique and delicious sauces. They are very simple sauces, compared to, for instance, the complexity of French sauces.

Japanese marinating sauces actually penetrate fish and meat more effectively than many Western marinade sauces, because in Japanese cooking fish and meat are cut into much smaller pieces first.

The secret to many of Japan’s most celebrated dishes is in the use of the right amount and blend of ingredients. Thanks to Japanese sauces bland and uninteresting recipes can often be transformed into an exciting, appetizing, and delicious meals with the addition of spices and seasonings that can boost the flavours.

ScobiesDirect offer three popular Japanese sauces:

Yakiniku Japanese Grilling Sauce


The word Yakiniku is comprised of “to grill” and “meat”, therefore literally translating to grilled meat Today, it commonly refers to a Japanese style of cooking bite-size meat (usually beef and offal) and vegetables on gridirons or griddles over flame of wood charcoals carbonized by dry distillation (sumibi) or gas/electric grill. In North America, China, and Taiwan, yakiniku is also referred to as "Japanese barbecue.

In Japan, Yakiniku restaurants are a common sight. You order your cut of meat or seafood and cook it yourself on your personal grill. The cooked meat is then dipped in Yakiniku sauce and eaten. At home, the Japanese commonly use the sauce to marinade meat to get that flavourful grilled taste.

This Japanese sauce is made from a combination of garlic, chilli, mustard, pepper and fruit juice. Ideal for grilling, frying or barbecuing.

It has plenty of fruit juice gives it that fruity flavour. Highly versatile. Great as a finishing sauce and also as a dipping sauce.

Click here to view our Yakiniku Sauce >>>

Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki sauce is a world-famous Japanese condiment that is often used on fish and meat dishes. It usually tastes sweet, but some varieties can be on the spicier side.

The word Teriyaki is comprised of “shine” and “to grill”. An authentic Japanese Teriyaki sauce has a beautiful shine on its surface.

This delicious teriyaki sauce is thick, sweet and rich with hints of ginger and miso, and is usually among the most popular items on the menu at the average Japanese restaurant.

It is said that the history of teriyaki sauce can be traced back to early Japanese immigrants who settled in Hawaii, and who created a distinctive marinade using local products like pineapple juice, which they blended with soy sauce. Eventually, the sauce that most people call teriyaki was born. Perfect for frying, grilling, barbecuing and even oven cooking - this authentic Japanese teriyaki sauce is very versatile.

A fabulous sauce for using on burgers - the Teriyaki burger is the best selling variety in Japan branches of McDonalds! Get onto a winner and try this Japanese sauce, guaranteed to fly off your counter.

Click here to view our Teriyak Sauce >>>

Sanzoku Black Pepper Sauce

Black Pepper Sauce

The word Sanzoku in Japanese means “bandit”. This particular sauce is associated with bandits from a region of Japan who preferred strong peppery flavours when cooking their meat.

A popular dish in Japan is “Sanzoku-yaki” (bandit chicken) - deep-fried chicken which is marinated in the sauce.

This Japanese sauce combines a tasty mixture of pepper, garlic and soy sauce enhanced by a variety of textures.

It is a spicy sauce full of pepper that makes it perfect for meat – it’s simple to use. Great as a dipping sauce and also as a marinade. Ideal for rich flavoursome meats like lamb, pork and chicken thighs, and of course it’s perfect for using with steaks – it enhances the flavour to any meat, poultry or vegetable dishes.

Click here to view our Sanzoku Black Pepper Sauce >>>

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National BBQ Week 2017

National BBQ Week 2017

One of the UK’s most popular food awareness weeks is fast approaching: National BBQ Week 29th May – 4th June 2017. Are you ready for it?

The UK is Europe’s leading BBQ nation, in 2013 beating Germany into 2nd place for the 5th year in a row. Barbeque brings everyone together. The fire and smell of the food wafting over naturally draw people in to help cook or just watch the coals.

National BBQ Week looks to encourage even more barbecue grilling, by ensuring that everyone; friends & families, retailers, pubs & clubs, streets & hotels fully embrace BBQ culture and really go for the grill! This special food week will help kick-start summer - the prime BBQ season.

BBQ and alfresco eating & entertaining remains a fashionable and cheaper alternative to a visit to the local pub or restaurant. Butchers and farm shops are well placed to supply the needs of those wanting to cook a BBQ.

The sun in the UK will (eventually) make an appearance and the BBQs will quickly be warming up. Make sure you have everything your customers need for the perfect BBQ.

Check out our dedicated BBQ section for all the essentials!

ScobiesDirect BBQ Range

ScobiesDirect offer a wide range of BBQ related products such as rubs, marinades, sauces, etc – right through to skewers, woodchips, BBQ foil bags, BBQ Smoker Bags, etc.

The British are well and truly embracing barbecue culture. BBQ & at-home eating & entertaining is now the UK's No1 summer home leisure activity, with two-in-three households now owning a BBQ grill! With the average number of BBQ’s being held per family during their summer rising sharply from 2.5 per family 10 years ago to now over 9 per family, the popularity of BBQing in the UK shows no sign of abating.


Hot and spicy food regions such as South African, the Caribbean, Mexico, North African and Southern US styles such as Cajun & Creole, are all popular on the Barbi.

ScobiesDirect offer a true American BBQ range + different international BBQ flavours for the more adventurous. We have developed a complete BBQ concept for butcher, some of which are shown below, for example our American BBQ range includes:

and many more….


For the more adventurous butcher/customers we have a range of international BBQ flavours suitable for BBQs:

and many more….

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Finding a hair in your food is disgusting

Hair in your food

Finding a hair in your food is disgusting, no question. Unfortunately it's quite common, and something all food businesses should make maximum efforts in preventing.

If you manage a food businesses, whether it's involved in catering, food retail, farm shops, delis, butchers, etc then you need to reduce the risk of your customers finding any hairs in the food you sell. Not only will it damage your brand, it will easily result in a lost customer. Finding a hair in their food quickly destroys any confidence a customer may have in you.

Putting into place appropriate procedures to tackle hair contamination is a wise investment - in money & time. Proper prevention of hair contamination saves money in the long run, since it:
  • Reduces expenditure on hair complaint fines
  • Save management time investigating hair complaints
  • Helps improve your relationship with key customers.
It's surprisingly easy for food to become contaminated with hair, particularly when you consider that 40-130 hairs are naturally shed per person, per day.

Furthermore, as a result of modern haircare practices e.g. using a hairdryer, gel products, hairspray, etc hair is likely to be damaged, so it's possible that people could actually lose a lot more.

How can you prevent hair contamination?

To avoid hair falling on food staff may cover their heads with a clean hat, or go that extra step and use a hair net such as a mob cap, which is a much better option.

However, some hair nets are better than others. There are 2 key steps that all good hair protection must meet:
  1. Fold & hold strands of hair
  2. Contain shed and damaged loose hairs
One way of solving these two steps above is by using HairTite hair protection, which was developed in partnership with the University of Bolton - partly in response to the University’s research that identified that to contain hairs as many as possible need to be held flat with numerous contact points.

HairTite’s unique recoiling structure adapts to an individuals head size and volume of hair, creating more contact points than a traditional diamond shaped mesh hair net.

HairTite hair nets

According to Professor Subhash Anand MBE, Professor of Technical Textiles, Institute for Materials Research and Innovation, University of Bolton. “Non-woven materials such as those often used in mob/bouffant caps should not be used as hair barrier fabrics. Due to the fabrics rigidity, it will neither hold the head of hair or grip hair that protrudes through. Making it a totally unsuitable material."

HairTite is a stretch to Fit, Fold and Hold Technology. It holds more hairs than traditional mesh hairnets, whatever the wearer's head size or hair volume.

HairTite comparison
It fits comfortably, which reduces the need to fidget or scratch the head, which can allow hairs to pass through the fabric on many other hair nets.

Hairtite is proven to reduce hair complaints and it is a HACCP Certified head covering.

A double layer?

While mentioned above, using a mob cap is a good start to preventing hair contamination in food, however HairTite can provide double the hair containment of a traditional mesh hairnet. But don't stop there - you can increase the protection by adding another layer.

HairTite and Kleencap

For example, using a HairTite + wearing a mob cap will increase hair containment 6 fold.

Or you can achieve 11 x hair containment when wearing a HairTite when worn under a KleenCap Max.

Protect Your Business

Insist on the only HACCP International certified hair coverings - The hair nets supplied by ScobiesDirect such as HairTite, HairBarrier and head coverings such as KleenCap, are all HACCP International certified - view our full hair protection range at: ScobiesDirect - Hair Protection.

Contact us for further information, advice. Lastly, for a short period only we have a number of FREE HairTite samples, so if you want to try one out then get in touch while stocks last.

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